How do I join Loma Loyalty?

Salons must have an active email address and account with their Loma distributor to participate.

I forgot my login credentials. How do I get back in?

Your username should be your email address (unless you changed it to something else). You will need to go to the login page and click “forgot password.” A link will be emailed to you with instructions on changing your password.

I am a new user, and my account is not pulling up when I input my email and zip code. 

Make sure the email and zip code you are using is what is on file with your distributor. This often occurs if you have a personal and business email or if your salon zip differs from your home zip code.

To verify your account information on file, contact your distributor

When will my rewards appear in my account following a purchase? 

Rewards are posted on the 16th of the month following your purchase.

Will my Loma Dollars expire? 

 Loma Loyalty rewards expire every calendar year + a quarter (i.e. 2024 rewards expire 3/31/25).

How do I get listed on the website Salon Locator? 

Simply fill out this form and we will add you! See if you’re already on our map here.

How do I update my salon account information in Loma Loyalty?

Contact your distributor sales consultant to update your account information.